aqui hay una sobre el clima:

- Do you think it'll rain tonight?


- I haven't looked at the weather forecast, but it has been cloudy all week. If I were you, I'd take a raincoat with me.


- You're right. I'll do that.


aqui hay una sobre la vestimenta:

Dialogo 1 :

El A es el dependiente o dependienta y el B el o la clienta

A Can I help you ? B Yes,I like a sweater please,

A Ok What size are you ? or What size do you want ? B A large please

A Here you are B thank you

B Can I try it on ? A Of course the changing rooms are over there

B thank you how is it ? A It´s fine B how much is it ?


A 34,99 B Do you take American Express ?

A yes,madam B here you are

A thanks bye

B bye



O dialogo 2 :


C ) Can I help you ? D )I´m just looking, thanks

C) Ok al rato Can I help you ? D ) yes, I´m looking for a sweater like this, but in

blue, have you got one ?


I´ll just have a look C) What size are you ? D) is a small

C ) here you are D) Can I try it on ? C) of course the changing rooms are over there

D) I like it ,It fits you very well D) how much is it it? C) 39,99 D) Ok I´ll have it

C) how would you like to pay ? D) cash thanks

here you are C) thanks bye D) bye