Por favor ayuda!!!! PRESENT SIMPLE. COMPLETE

1. You __________(not / ride) your bike every day.

2. _______MICHAEL/TRAVEL) to school by bus? No, ___________

3. My friends and I _______________(play) card games at the weekend.

4. Sara __________________(not / clean) her room.

5. ____________(THE CHILDREN / LEARN) English? Yes, __________

6. It __________________(not / be) boring.

7. He _______________(read) comics at night.




1. don't ride

2. does Michael travel/No, he doesn't

3. play

4. doesn't clean

5. does the teacher learn/ Yes, she does

6. isn't 

7. reads 

Creo que es así. Espero haberte ayudado:)

¡La mejor respuesta!

1.you RIDE your bike every day.

2. ?¿

3.my friends and i PLAY card games at the weekend.

4.sara CLEAN her room.


6.it BE boring.

7.he READ comics at night.