Subject + to be + going to + infinitive


We use the future with “GOING TO” to talk about plans



Subject Verb To be Going to Infinitive I Am Going to dance He / She / It Is Study We / You / They Are Go shopping

Examples: - Maria’s going to travel this holiday. - They’re going to go to a very expensive restaurant. - I’m going to come home late.



Subject Verb To be + not Going to Infinitive I Am not Going to Clean He / She / It Is not (isn’t) Cook We / You / They Are not (aren’t) travel

- I’m not going to go to the party. - Juan isn’t going to work today. - They aren’t going to stay at that hotel.



Question Word Verb To Be Subject Going to Infinitive What Am not I Going to Do Where Is not (isn’t) He / She / It Go —————– Are not (aren’t) We / You / They travel

Ejemplos: - What are you going to do later? - What is she going to cook? - Are they going to attend the meeting? - Where is Maria going to study?

Short answers are with the to be verb

- Yes, I am – Yes, you are – No, he isn’t – No, they aren’t ETC

Errores típicos

Recuerden de NO USAR el do/does (para preguntas) & el don’t y doesn’t (para negativos). NO SE USAN porque usamos el verbo to be.

- INCORRECTO: I don’t going to study. - CORRECTO: I‘m not going to study.

- INCORRECTO: Where do you going to go? - CORRECTO: Where are you going to go?

Recuerden de NO OLVIDAR de poner el verbo TO BE

- INCORRECTO: Juan going to buy beer. - CORRECTO: Juan is going to buy beer.

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