Rosa has 15 quarters and 10 nickels. She buys juice from a store for herself and her friends. The juice costs 35 cents per can. She gives the cashier 2/3 of the quarters and 3/5 of the nickels. The cashier does not give her any change How many cans of juice did she buy?




lets see:

1 nickel = 5 cents.

1 "quarter"= 25 cents.

WE HAVE 15 QUARTERS= 375 cents. AND 10 NICKELS = 50 cents.

Now it´s tiem to work:

She gave 2/3 of the quarters and 3/5 of the nockels, and the cashier didn´t give her any change, so...(we know that every can costs 35 cents)

35.x\cdot = \frac{3}{5}.50 + \frac{2}{3}.375

35.x = 280

x = 8

She bought 8 cans of juice.

I HOPE I'VE HELPED YOU. (sorry for my english, iI´m not very good at it)