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A continuación una breve redacción sobre París con sus características y lugares de atracción:


Paris is the capital city of France, and is one of the largest cities in Europe. Paris is also known as the “city of light” which makes it one of the most tourist destinations in Europe. We can recognize Paris as a political, business and cultural centre with a global influence on the arts and fashion. Many international organizations and large companies have their offices in the city. Paris is also a world-known with its neo-classical architecture and is a home to many museums, art galleries, historical monuments and recreation places. 


Paris have a lot of places we can visit, such as: the Tower Eiffel which is the building most visited in the world (this Tower is the symbol of Paris), the Arc de Triomphe, the Arc is a home of an observatory with glorious views of Paris and places in the city, Notre Dame is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the city, Monmartre is an imposing building and a landmark of Paris, the Louvre museum is one of the largest and famous in the whole world, and some othes attactions.

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