1. The car is dirty

 2. The woman has a dog

Yasterday I went to the zoo with my familiy and there was a lion in a cage. (Ayer fui a l zoologico cn mi familia y habia un leon en una jaula)

Jane will buy a table for the kitchen. (Jane comprara ua mesa para la cocina)

the teacher's birthday is next week and all the students are saving money to buy her a present. (el cumpleaños de la maestra es la proxima semana y todos los alumnos estan ahorrando dinero para comprarle un regalo)

Some days ago I was playing football in my bedroom and accidently  i broke a lamp, my mother punished me. (Hace unos dias estaba jugando futbol y rompi una lampara, mi madre me castigo)

10 3 10

Tomorrow I'll take my bike

Are they going to go to the party?

You have to pick up this rubbish

Samantha has got two green skirts and three purple jackets

Emily was in Mallorca with her parents last summer