Robert: Hello friends, how are you?

Mauro: Fine and you?

Robert:Very well, tomorrow I will buy a new car!

Mauro: Excelent!

Patrick: I'm going to sleep because I'm very tired.

Robert: Ok, just 2 hours, remenber that we have to go to the party

Patrick: Sure!

Mauro: Meanwhile, let's play poker.

Robert: Ok! I am going to bring it.

Mauro: Search it on that shelves.

Robert: I founf it!


2 hours later....


Mauro: Yeah I won! I wil be a professional.

Robert: In your dreams.

Patrick: woah... Wow, the party is going to star!

Robert: Hurry up! 

Mauro: I will bring the car.

Patrick: Ok, we wait for you.



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