porfavor ayedenme a resolverlo (en ingles no traducir)

Fill the lines with the verb in brackets using either the past perfect or the past simple tenses.

1. by the time we got to the cinema the film _started_ (to start), so we missed the first five minutes.
2. When I rang the bell there was no answer. The neighbor told me that they _wen out_(to go out) about half an hour ago.
3. I saw Casablanca for the first time last night. I _haven´t saw__(to see negative) it before.
4. I feel fat. I _have___ (to have) a huge lunch.
5. I spent a week in Miami recently. I __haven´t been__(to not be) there before.
6. There was so much to see in Toledo. I __________(to plan) to see everything but there wasn't enough time.
7. If I _________(to know) about the concert, I would have gone.
8. If you ___________(to take) my advice, it wouldn't have happened.
9. We would have had an argument, if she _________ (to mention) politics.
10. If you _________(to not park) there, you wouldn't have got a parking fine.
11. They found the body on a building site. It ___________(to mutilate "in the passive!").
12. She told me she ___________(to buy) a new car.
13. When he arrived, Eve wasn't there. She __________(to leave) about five minutes before.
14. When we arrived in Spain, they __________(to lose) our luggage. We only had to wait to two days to get it back though, and they delivered it to the house.
15. When I __________(to get back), nobody had done the washing up. I was furious.

espero darme a entender esta vez, pero gracias a lo que me trataron de ayudar anterior mente




6. was planning 

7. knew

8. had taken

9. mentioned

10. haven't parked

11. no se 

12. had to buy

13. had to leave

14. have lost

15. get back