In the heart of the forest there were living three piglets that were brothers. The wolf always was walking chasing(prosecuting) them to eat up them. To escape of the wolf, the piglets decided to do a house to him(you,them). The small one did it of straw, to finish before and to be able to be going to play.

The medium one constructed a little house of wood. On having seen that his(her,your) small brother had ended already, it(he,she) hurried up to be going to play with him(it).

The major one was employed at his(her,your) house of brick. 
- Already you will see what does the wolf with your houses - it(he,she) scolded his(her,your) brothers while these were spending(passing) it to him(you,them) in big.

The wolf went out behind the small piglet and he(it) ran up to his(her,your) little house of straw, but the wolf blew and blew and the little house of straw demolished.

The wolf chased(prosecuted) also to the piglet for the forest, which ran to sheltering in house of his(her,your) medium brother. But the wolf blew and blew and the little house of wood knocked down. Both piglets went out whistling of there.

Almost without breath, with the wolf stuck to his(her,your) heels, they came to the house of the major brother.

The three got inside and closed well all the doors and windows. The wolf put to turn to the house, looking for some site(place) which to enter. With the longest stairs it(he,she) climbed up to the roof, to slip past for the chimney. But the major piglet put to the fire a pot with water. The wolf heavy eater descended for the interior of the chimney, but it(he,she) fell down on the water hirviendo and scalded itself(himself,herself). 

It escaped of there giving a few terrible howlings that were heard in the whole forest. One tells him that it never wanted to eat piglet ever