Camille was a normal girl. Everyday she went to school an talk with his friends. But one saturday morning, everithing change to Camille:

She gets up and go to the bathroom. When she clean his face and open her eyes.. ¡her bedroom is a real disaster! Camille are scary "¿why pass in my room in the night?" she wondered. Then she find a strange object on the floor. This is a black, little casket. She put it on the desk and sort she's room. Finally decides go to eat breckfast and view the mysterious object last. Camille serves milk in a cupful an add cereals. When she's back to top take quickly the casket and view it. Then she find a bottom, very little bottom and press it. In this moment a strange white mist emerged fron the box and a girl appars in Camille's bedroom.

- Hi! -says the strange girl. - my name is Eve

- Hello.. - answered Camille. - I'm Camille

- Do you want be my bes friend? - questions Eve excited.

- Emm... OK.. - answerwd Camille.

From that day nothing will be the same.  Who knows what adventures will live Camille and Eve?