quien e puede ayudar a hacer un dialogo de ingles sobre give thanks que tenga alguna de estas oracionas xfa -thanks for calling me on my birthday -thank you very much for being here, in my class - i appreciate your help -thank you for buying me a lot of things -thankyou you for giving me your homework -thanks for helping me with the lesson -thanks for leading me money when i asked for it -thankyou for carring that box for me URGENTE!!!!




Espero te sirva amiga!

Hi Susan
mm .. Hello
That you?
It will be my birthday but I think nobody remembers!
Do not worry dear friend I if I remember, because you're my best friend.
Thank you!
Friend thanks for calling me on my birthday!
do not worry friend so we are best friends!
Friend I can ask you a favor?
If clear
Help me with the math lesson 2 because he did not quite understand!
Of course, if you expect!
There friend thanks for helping with the lesson without you last ubiera!
do not worry friend, I love you!