Cuando yo era niño recuerdo q mi papa me llevo un carro a control remoto en mi primera navidad y yo me puse muy contento  y pense q santa claus me lo habia traido

¡La mejor respuesta!

the ugly duckling 

It was a beautiful afternoon at the end of summer. Mother duck had made her nest at the side of the brook.

She said breathing a sigh - these ducklings take a long time to break the shell -.

Momma duck was alone hatching her eggs. The rest of the ducks were too busy swimming and were not coming to chat with her. At last, the ducklings began to strike the shell with their beak until they managed to break it and could leave. One by one, they ventured to take their first steps from the nest. After a few trips, they shook themselves out and they looked around. The ducklings were amazed.

- How big the world is! - they said, and in fact it seemed this way after having been stuck in in an egg. -The world is much bigger- momma duck explained. Did all already come out? Oh, no! Still not that big egg. And old momma came closer to look. -that one egg must come from a turkey- she said.

That very thing happened to me once. You do not imagine my worry! The little one did not get close to water however much I tried to force him. My advice is that you leave that quiet egg and not pay attention to him - the old duck concluded .

No matter, thought momma duck. I am going to brood it awhile more.

Soon after, momma duck heard a toc, toc. It was the new baby forcing his head out of the shell.

This is not a turkey, thought momma duck seeing it walk. But it is so big and ugly, I will make the best of this.

On the following day, momma duck took them all to swim. The first duckling jumped in the water. Splash! Next, one by one they went away dipping in the pond, including the ugly duckling, and seconds later, they all slid softly in the water.

Next, momma duck corralled the family of birds.

Momma duck said -make the consent to the great big duck-. The ribbon the duck is wearing confers distinction and honor.

The ducklings received him with great respect. Next, the turkey approached to look at them.

- never had been seen a duckling so big and ugly! - they squawked.

There began the problems of the ugly duckling. They all treated him badly because he was not like the other ones. The other ducklings hit it and hens pecked it. The poor ugly duckling felt very sad. As time passed, things worsened. Nobody wanted him because he was different. The day arrived that the ugly duckling no longer endured more and he fled away from the corral. He ran as fast as his legs permitted, until he went deep into the forest. As he did not know where he was, he decided to keep on running on and on. At last, he went up to a great swamp where some wild ducks lived. There he remained, hidden under a thicket. He felt exhausted and very alone. Next morning, the wild ducks approached to look at the newcomer.

Hello- they said. -Who are you ?-

The ugly duckling responded, seeing that the wild ducks had a very different aspect to the ducks of the corral - I am a duck of the farm -.

 a duck? - they exclaimed. Never we had seen a so clumsy duck like you! But you can remain here, if you want. There is room for all. The ugly duckling was happy and could have remained in the swamp, far from the cruel animals of the farm. The weather began to cool and the leaves of the trees began to get red and yellow. The autumn had come. One day, the ugly duckling was searching for something to eat between the rushes, when two clumsy youngsters landed next to him.