-Hi Tommy. What are you doing?
-Oh hi Sophie, I´m just reading a couple of books.
They have been for 5 years without being touched.
-Wow, I didn´t know that you liked reading. I came from Joey´s place. We´ve seen two little white dogs on way.
- I hate doves, hey, Joey´s coming, Hi jo, how are you?
-Fine, thanks. I´ve heard you talking, and, I wanted to joy in.
-Of course, we love talking to you.
-Yeah, I´ve been reading for five weeks, without talking to anyone! My eyes are burning!!
-Calm down you little nerdy! What about going out tonight?
-Sure! But, what can we see?
-I´ve been in the cinema to weeks ago, and I wanted to see a horror movie, but my father didn´t, so we saw a sunpense one.
-So we love horror, I wanna be scaried!
-I agree!
-OK I´m going to buy tickets this afternoon!
-Right, see you tonight!
-Good bye!