Hola, disculpen alguien que me ayude con la pronunciacion en ingles de este parrafo: water pollution. It's called water pollution any natural or human activity that changes its natural conditions. How is water contaminated We can distinguish between natural pollution and human contamination the natural contamination of water is due to processes inevitably produced by the forces of nature. For example a volcanic eruption, a great storm, the decomposition of organic matter in a swamp, a natural of oil from the reservoir, etc. Are processes that contaminate the water. Human pollution is the real concern, because it can totally transform aquatic environments. When human being use water, returned to the environment with less quality, but nature has mechanisms to restore its purity, so it can because again. Humans to aquatic pour very great quantities of waste, making impossible the recycling processes and natural purification of water. So many water bodies are contaminated. Water use and environmental impact




TE PODRIA AYUDAR SOLO NECESITARIA D UN MICROFONO PARA PODER DEIRTE UNA EXCELENTE PRONUNCIACION..........SERIA MAS O MENOS ASI....... guader polushion its coled guader polushion eni natural or iuman activiti dat chanch its natural condishion . jao is guader contamineit ui can distinguish bitguin natural .....and human contamineishon .

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