Quiero una tarea bien echa, es una redacción sobre un amigo, debe tener 120 palabras de minimo.

Sobre describir una persona (friend): (forma informal, sera un emali)

Por paragraph:

En el primero: name, nationality, age, family, work/study

2: phisical appearence (centraros en la cara: Ej. big nose, blue eyes...)

3: personality (ej. positive person, makes people laugh, serious...)

4: hobbies and interest (ej. wath TV, play computer games...)

Les pido una buena estructura, con los 4 "paragraphs", uso adecuado en los enunciados, tienen hasta las 6:30 para realizar esta tarea, gracias!




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Aqui te dejo una redacción en inglés sobre un amigo y su descripción, espero te sirva, se encuentra estructurado en 4 párrafos:


My friend's name is Lucas Castillo, He is Spanish, it is 17 years old. And he lives with his mother and his father, he has a 10 years old sister and a 21 years old brother in a pretty nice house. He goes to the high school, just like me, we will graduate this year together and he doesn’t work.

He is very good looking boy, I can describe him with his big and brown eyes, her nose is large, upturned, his chin is wide. Their ears are small, but listen great, lol!!! Her mouth is small. And he is skinny and white skin. About his dress style, he always wears sweaters because he can’t handle cold weathers and also like sports shoes.

He is a very nice person, he is smart, sociable and loyal as well. He likes to play a lot with friends, makes us laugh most of the time, really funy person. Never get angry, he try to talk everytime there is any problema. Is a very kind person with the biggest and very gentlemanly with the ladies. He is the best friend I could ever ask!

Among the things he likes to do I can mention the following: He likes to watch TV series, play chess, enjoys swimming, going to the cinema. He plays football very well. It is a very dynamic person. But his favorite hobby is playing computer games as well. He can’t dance in any coordinated way, lol. He is very interested in politics, international issues and model united nations participation.