por favor ayuda enserio que para las preposiciones soy un desastre :S se los agradecere eternamente si me ayudan

Fill in the empty space with the prepositions in, on, or at.

Emma was born ________ Rochester ________ December 15th ________ 10 o'clock ________ the morning. Rochester is ________ the state of New York ________ the United States. Now, she goes to classes ________ the New York National University. She usually arrives ________ the morning ________ 8 o'clock. ________ weekends, she likes driving to her friend's house ________ Canada. Dina (her friend) lives ________ Toronto. She usually arrives ________ 9 the evening and leaves ________ Sunday morning. ________ Saturday, they often meet friends ________ a restaurant. ________ night, they sometimes go to a disco. ________ summer, ________ August for example, they often go to the countryside.




in-in-at-in-on-in-at-in-at-on-in-in-at-in-on-in-at-in-on   esperoo qe te sirvaaa y ponele mejor respuestaaa


emma was born in rochester IN december 15th AT 10 o clock AT the morning. rochester is IN the state of new york IN the united sates. now,she goes to classes AT the new york national university, she usually arrives AT the morning AT 8 o clock. ON  weekends, she likes driving to her friends house IN canada. dina lives IN toronto. she usually arrives AT 9 the evening and leaves ON sunday morning. ON saturdat, they often meet friends IN a restaurant. AT  night, they sometimes go toa disco. IN summer, ON august for example, they often go to the countryside