my dream house
Ideally my house with a swimming pool with diving board, a theater, to see movies and invite my friends to a party at the pisina.

I would also like to have a pig of tennis to go play there every Saturday morning.

I like that the rooms were large and had five ooms and 2 living one for me and one for my family and visits
I wish I had 8 bathrooms

and that my room had a bathroom just for me

would like to have a very large kitchen and two dining rooms one for me and my family and other guests for
q I would like to have a pool table and a huge game room.
and a stable with horses to ride
Course a pig for my father play around on Sundays with friends

q I would like out of 3 floors

encada fourth plasma TV had cable and a laptop.
I like that in the yard was big and have a barbecue with tables to eat with my family on Sundays.
I would like to have a school library to read my favorite books and magazines.
I would like to be very large and spacious.
Like what my dream house?