Past Proggressive + when + Simple Past:

1. I was doing my homework then the TV turned off.

2. She was cheating when the teacher fell down.

3. You were mistaking when I mistook too.


Simple Past + While + Past Progressive 

1. I listened music while my mom was doing the dinner.

2. You made a mistake while I was eating fish.

3. He sang a song while You taking photos.


When = Cuando

While = Mientras


Suerte! :)


What do the boys eat for lunch?
Where do you go on Sundays?
I do not want to go.

What does the boy eat for lunch?
Where does she go on Sundays?
He does not want to go. 

Do you like chocolate? 
Does he go to the beach very often? 
Do we have any pens? 
Does she know you? 
Does it close at 6.30 pm? 
Do they smoke? 
Do I look funny in these jeans? 
Do Bill and Anne like each other? 
Does she speak German? 
Do you want to go to the movies?