On a Saturday Molly Clarkson was celebrating her 50th birthday. All her relatives had come: her children (Diane, Jackie and Roger) and her brother Albert. They were all used to asking Molly for money, except Jackie, who still lived with her mother. That night one by one they all asked her for money again, but she refused saying that no one would get money any more from her. They were quite upset and angry. The next morning Roger was woken up by a cry from his mothers room. When he got there he saw Diane coming out, who had just found her mother dead. Roger is shocked. Diane called the doctor who came immediately. He was puzzled because Molly had been in good health and he decides to call the police. The police came quickly to the scene and started their investigation. Detective Inspector Walsch and Sergeant Foster did the questioning. Albert told them that he had been angry at Molly the previous night, just like all the others, because she would not give them the money they needed. He had been the first to go to bed and had gone to Molly’s bedroom to say goodnight. He thought he had heard someone going downstairs around midnight. The next one, Jackie, admitted she had also been in Molly’s room that night. The police had found an empty bottle of sleeping pills. She had heard someone around midnight and it had been mother to get some dinner for the dogs. She got angry when asked whether she needed her mother’s money. Roger told the same story as the others. He wanted money to build houses on Molly’s land together with a friend and had wanted Molly to move. Last came Diane, who admitted taking milk to her mother last night. She also made clear that she did not like her mother, just like everybody else, even Jackie.

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Es Molly Clarkson del quincuagésimo cumpleaños. She is having a party. Ella está teniendo un partido. She is rich, but she is having a small party – only four people. Ella es rica, pero ella está teniendo un pequeño partido - sólo cuatro personas. Four people, however, who all need the same thing: they need her money. Cuatro personas, sin embargo, que todos necesitamos lo mismo: que necesitan su dinero. She will not give them the money, so they are waiting for her to die. Ella no les dará el dinero, por lo que se espera de ella para morir. And there are other people who are also waiting for her to die. Y hay otras personas que también están esperando a morir. But one person can't wait. Pero una persona no puede esperar. And so, on her fiftieth birthday, Molly Clarkson is going to die. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Y así, en su quincuagésimo cumpleaños, Molly Clarkson va a morir. - Este texto se refiere a un agotado o no disponible edición de este título. 

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"Oxford Bookworms" offer students at all levels the opportunity to extend their reading and appreciation of English. "Oxford Bookworms" ofrecer a los estudiantes en todos los niveles la oportunidad de ampliar su reconocimiento y lectura de Inglés. There are six stages, taking students from elementary to advanced level. Hay seis etapas, teniendo los estudiantes de primaria a nivel avanzado. At the lower stages, many of the texts have been specially written for the series, to provide elementary and lower-intermediate students with an introduction to real reading in English. En las etapas más tempranas, muchos de los textos han sido escritos especialmente para la serie, para proporcionar instrucción elemental y de menor intermedio con los estudiantes una introducción a la verdadera lectura en Inglés. At the higher stages, most of the books have been adapted from works originally published for native speakers. En las etapas superiores, la mayoría de los libros han sido adaptados de obras originalmente publicado por hablantes nativos. The language controls used in "Oxford Bookworms" are based on a syllabus specially created for the series by Tricia Hedge. El lenguaje utilizado en los controles "Oxford Bookworms" se basan en un programa creado especialmente para la serie de Tricia Hedge. This takes account of the more traditional approaches to grading and recent research into the nature of reading difficulty. Esta toma en consideración de los más tradicionales enfoques de la clasificación y las recientes investigaciones sobre la naturaleza de la dificultad de lectura. The approximate vocabulary count for each stage is: Stage 1 - 400 words; Stage 2 - 700 words; Stage 3 - 1000 words; Stage 4 - 1400 words; Stage 5 - 1800 words; Stage 6 - 2500 words. La aproximación de vocabulario para contar cada una de las etapas es el siguiente: Etapa 1 - 400 palabras; Etapa 2 - 700 palabras; Etapa 3 - 1000 palabras; Etapa 4 - 1400 palabras; Etapa 5 - 1800 palabras; Etapa 6 - 2500 palabras. All stages have exercises for classroom or private use, plus a supporting glossary to help students with vocabulary. Todas las etapas tienen ejercicios para el aula o el uso privado, además de un glosario de apoyo para ayudar a los estudiantes con el vocabulario. Illustrations are used, especially at the lower stages, to help comprehension. Las ilustraciones se utilizan, sobre todo en las etapas más tempranas, para ayudar a la comprensión.