Ingredients to prepare Sushi (Japanese rolls). 400 grs. of Japanese rice (or round). 4 leaves of alga Nori. 1 avocado. 4 camarones. 1 filet of smoked salmon. 1 bar of surimi. 1 cheese wedge Philadelfia. 1 carrot. 1 calabacita. 1 cucumber. 1 pipe of wasabi (piquant Japanese Radish that it is necessary to to use with many precaution). 1 bottle of vinegar of rice (Mirim). 1 cta. of sugar. Tumble dryer of hair (If, they will occupy her). 1 big Pan. Sauce of soy bean, of oyster and of sesame if they please. 1 mantelito to do the rolls of small sticks of bamboo (They Sell the kits with almost quite in Wall Mart, and Superlandlady) 1 bag cleans of plastic to put the mantelito and that does not stick the rice.