my name is___________ i live in (ciudad) i have (edad) years old and i like to go out with my friends, i have (numero de hermanos) brothers and ( numero de hermanas) sisters, i live with my parentes and i like to study a lot.

In my free time i kike to draw any picture around me and all that i can imagine.

I love all my friends and familly, i would like some day become a better person have a good carrer and win a lot of money. i have a ( mascota que tienes) and it's so cute, i love ( him o her dependiendo sea macho o hembra)

Sometimes i sit in my computer and practice my english, i watch t.v, i help my mother with all the stuff in the house. and i prictice (deporte que haces) it's very confortable to do an activity.

I hope some day have more stories to tell in my biografy since then this is my life.

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My name is______(en este caso Sofia, creo jajajaja) I live in_____(lugar donde vivas o donde eres tú...) I'am ______(edad) years old. I like________( tus gustos hobbies, o aficiones) Cosas a sí...