Who = quien

That = eso, esa, ese, tambien significa "que"

Who is doing your work now?

Who can see what are you doing?

Who is the best football player in the world?

Who must pay for the book tomorrow?

Who has to clean the livingroom at night?


I have to do that because is my obligation

I can fix that ice-cream machine now

If you are that, you must be the worst

those are the thing that you don't have to do

We could pay for that, but we don't have enough money.


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i can explain you that :

- my cousin is the one who is playing soccer at the street.

- i am the one who is chating whit some friends

- are you the one who call me every five minutes at my cellphone ?

- helen and michael are the ones who are going to your paty tomorrow night

- who is the one with the white t-shirt



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