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Una conversación es cuando dos o más personas intercambian ideas, comentarios u opiniones.

-Mike: Hey John, whats going on?

-John: Hi, Mike, nothing at all, I'm waiting for my girlfriend!

-Mike: So? I didn't know that you've a girlfriend now... What's her name?

-John: Yes... I've met her some months ago, her name is Rose.

-Mike: How nice! Let's wait for her together, I want to know her.

-John: Well, she should be here in no time.

-Rose: Hello sweetie, am I late?

-John: Hi honey, not at all!

-Rose: Who is your friend?

-John: Its Mike, a friend.

-Rose: Hello Mike!

-Mike: Hey Rose, nice to meet you.

-Rose: Are you going with us?

-Mike: No no, I just saw John here and started some small talk, but I was already going home.

-Rose: Oh come on, lets join us for a while, we are going to take some ice cream!

-Mike: No thanks, I don't want to disturb... (laugh)

-Rose: (laugh) you would not! 

-John: Join us Mike, it will be funnier.

-Mike: Ok, let's take some ice cream together!

-Rose: Great, lets go for that cold gold!

-John: (laugh) Yay!