i am very beautifull

i am 34 years old

she is very tall

he likes that girl

you are doing your homework


i arent going to the park

i'm not tyding my room

i dont like skateboards

she doesn't like pink 

he doesn't like her hair


do you like hot dogs?

to you like languages?

do you speak italian?

Does she tidy her room?

do you cook for your parents?


espero que te sirva un montón!! :)

¡La mejor respuesta!

I'm the best student                                I'm not the best student 

You are Sara, and you are my friend        You are not...

he/She/It is my brother/ sister/ Cat        He/ She/ it  isn't (is not)...

We are spanish                                        We aren't...

You are english                                       you aren't...

They are the most beautiful                     they aren't...


am I the best student?

Are you Sara?

Is he your brother?

Are we spanish?

Are you englisH?

Are they the most beautiful?