1I wasn't there!



2) He wasn't sleeping yesterday!

3) They weren't at school

4) She wasn't tidy at 5th grade

5) My mom wasn't proud of me

6) Wasn't that him?

7) My brother wasn't the one in the ballroom..
8) It wasn't him!

9) My dad wasn't at home at night

10) My sister wasn't eating candys

11) I didn't eat lunch yesterday 

12)She didn't go to the party last night
13) didn´t do my homework 

14)I didn´t eat bananas

15)She didn´t buy a dress in the shoping 

16)They didn´t make a cake yesterday 

17)I'm not thinking

18)My mother isn't pretty

19)My father isn't my dad

20)I am not son of my dad

21)My little sister isn't virgin

22)She isn't so intelligent

23)I am not a person

24)My teacher isn't man nor woman

25)My girlfriend isn't virgin

26)I am not normal

27)I'm not real

28)they didn´t swim at the club yesterday 

29)The boy didn´t meet Peter at the airport

30)The girl didn´t speak english very well