When I get older, I will love to play music, not to have a music band, just to mix music, like a DJ.

I will love to marry with someone who loves me, and to have a big family and some pets.

I know that I can do what I want if I try, that's the point, we can do whatever we want just if we try, nothing is so hard to say that it's impossible.


After entering the Higher Technological School of the National University of Piura and finish my studies with great satisfaction (in a few years) I be practicing my profession since my profession pieno infiltrate, and of course I'll start from the basics to acquire more experience. I work in a company, also want to study another language (French maybe) because to my profession and I think for all, it is very important to communicate with other people from different countries. My perspective as 10 years is totally different and hopefully be well placed and adentrada completely in my profession. Well as for what you are doing in 17 years I hope to own a restaurant on a beach and many tourists flock to the beaches of our beautiful Piura. I would make all these goals today I am proposing, and keep them in mind every day to achieve them. My life will go on rising and I still have many things to learn and discover. As the experiences make you grow as a human and professional life.