alguien me puede resolver este ejercicio?:

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the present perfect.

1.A:(do your homework) Have YOU DONE YOUR HOMEWORK YET?

B:yes,i (already do)

2.A:(finish her exams).........Mary........yet?

B:No,she (have not)........

3-My parents (already talk) my teacher.

4-(write) your grandmother yet?

5-we (already do).......this exercise.

6-(read) book yet?

7-Peter and Mark (already go)........

8-(start).....they the auditions yet?



¡La mejor respuesta!


1.B:yes,i already done it.

2.A:Have Mary finished her exams yet?

2:b:No,she haven't finished.

3.A:My parents alreday talked to my teacher.

4.Have you written to your grandmother yet?

5.We already done this exercise.

6.Have you read that book yet?(read es pp de read,pero se pronuncia red.

7.Peter and Mark already gone.

8.Have they started the audictions yet?

Disfrute mucho haciendo tu tarea fue todo un reto siempre he tenido problemas con el present perfect.