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Las respuestas certificadas contienen información fiable, avalada por un equipo de expertos cuidadosamente seleccionados. En Brainly hay millones de respuestas de alta calidad, que han sido moderadas por los miembros más destacados de nuestra comunidad. Pero las respuestas certificadas son las mejores de las mejores.

10 oraciones negativas con el verbo to be:

I am not like other people.
2. You are not sad.
3. He is not a driver, he is a teacher.
4. He was not there when we got here.
5. He is not her uncle.
6. I am not sick today.
7. She is not happy about that.
8. We weren´t ready for the game..
9. They weren't happy with us.
10. Martha is not unemployed.

10 afirmativas con cualquier verbo menos con el verbo to be:

1. Danny sings in the shower.

2. Chris just had his breakfast.
3. Lucy writes a letter to her grandma.
4. Sonya loves to swim.
5. Sandra should not eat too much.
6. Your dog should get checked by a vet.
7. I do my homework every day.
8. Molly works at the supermarket.
9. Linda had to repeat the exam.
10. Trudy and Sam won the dancing competition.