esper0 y te sirva est0:


con ING :

He is doing his homework ___________ El esta haciendo su tarea
Maria is flying to USA _______________Maria esta volando a EEUU
I'm seraching information about history__Yo estoy buscando informacion sobr historia
Lisa is going to school_______________Lisa esta llendo a la escuela
Helen and his friends are playing tennis_Helen y sus amigos estan jugando tenis


My Grandma make me happy _____________Mi abuela me hace feliz
My dad work in his office _________________Mi papa trabaja en su oficina
Mike play cards so good__________________Mike juega muy bien a las cartas
Justin sing a beauty song_________________Justin canta una linda cancion
Ben watch tv all the day __________________ Ben mira tv todo el dia


1) im going to the park

2) im swimming to the competence

3) im working to my family

4) im walking to the musseum

5) im getting to close from youare you going to the musseum to?

6) im making this cake to the party

7) im dressing to my party

8) im going to the investigation

9) im keeping it to my self

10) im getting to old for this

11) im playing my guitar to the close concertt

12) im brushing my teeth to have a nice smile