Hello, my name es soyvega oh no , taxi hurry-

I sitting in a taxi, but i no ate now yes i eating a bananana

oh no i am lose i am looking at a mapa

and taking photos of him.

I waling to my job and talking on the pohone

Weel arrive to  my office and reading a guide book of sightseeing


¡La mejor respuesta!

last week went to new york and i wanted to go sightseeing , so i started walking, looking at a map  and taking photos of the city and then i got distracted reading a guidebook to have a better orientation. i was so tired of walking and i took a cap. while i was sitting in the taxi my mom called me and i started talking on the phone and all of sudden i got hungry so i started eating a banana. an hour later i finally arrived to the hotel and i could rest