i need to be early 
he needs to be a little more taller
it is required to be mature
we have to be more respectful
he really needs to be younger
i need to be at my office at three
he likes to be joking around
what do we need to be doing?
they are required to be more professional
i need to b more respectful
do you need to be around all these people?
it is necesary to be older
he needs to be early in class
you really need to be doing your homework
i'm tired 


I do my homewor everyday

I make my bed everymorning

I study at school

She reads that book

He works in that bussines

We play soccer on weekends

They are my friends

I pick my sister up from school

My mon does the laundry

She cleans my room

I don't pay attention to the class

She bothers me a lot

I can drive very well

They give me money everythey

my parents put me through college