pedro has  a beutifull cat black

I have a car ---------- I has cars
I have a house ---------- I has houses
I have a ring ---------- I have rings
I have a pencil ---------- I has pencils
I have a apple ---------- I has apples

1. I have a small dog
2. They have a party tonight
3. We have a dinner tomorrow
4. I have to study today
5. They have to go to the gym

1. He has a green cap
2.She has a nice dress
3. It has spots everywhere
4. He has to call his mom
5.She has to write a letter

I have two good fathers
you have a little dog
we have many money
they have a house big
I have many friends

He has big muscles
She has many sisters and brothers
It has back hair
He has a bird in his house
She has good grades


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