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A: Hello Daniel, how are you doing?
B: Hi Katy, not bad thank you!
A: I have heard that you moved to Brazil!
B: I did, I started my university studies here last year so I decided to move. And how about you?
A: I’m working in my father’s office now.
B: Ok that’s great, do you like it?
A: Well it’s ok by now, but I would rather work in something connected with my passion.
B: Really? And what is it?
A: Fashion, I want to open my own shop, you know I always love fashion.
B: Well, yes I know that!
A: I remember that party 3 years ago when you made your own dress.
B: Oh my god, yes I remember that!

A: It was beautiful!
B: Thank you.
A: My mother taught me how to do that when I was like 12 years old.
B: That is great, and by the way how is she doing?
A: She’s good.
B: Good! And how is your brother?
A: Great, he has his baby daughter. Oh, did you and Matt go to Paris last month?
B: Yes, we did, it was amazing!

A: Yes, I have hears about it!
B: You definitely have to go with us.
A: I will do my best. Ok I need to go, my father will be upset if I will get late at work.
B: Ok, no problem, send him my greetings!
A: I will, no worries.
B: See you soon!
A: Bye!