1. Karla is pretier than rocio
2. morelia is cleaner than gdl.
3. Culican is hotter than nayarit.
4. megacable is as good as prodigy.
5. hotmail is better than yahoo.
6. rabit is faster than tourtle.
7. lluvia is as tall as tanya.
8. canada is colder than mexico
9. an elephant is bigger than a spider
10. rosa is as smart as karely
11. my house is dirtier as my neighbor`s house
12. grand canyon is depper than maderas canyion


-My girldfriend is the most beatiful of the world.
-You are the person most important in the class.
-Cristiano Ronaldo is the best soccer player.
-China is the most polluted city in the world
-He is the tallest boy in the class.
-I´m the thinest person here.
-The elephant is the bigest animal in the sabana
-The nilo River is the longest river in the world
-soccer is the best deport in Mexico
-She is the most famous person in New York

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