present simple (negative) .....(write sentences.).. 1: i /not go / to school / on / saturdays/ 2: My best friend / not live / in spain 3: julia and i / not listen / to pop music 4: you / not play / baketball 5: Gemma and tom 7 not like 7 scary films




 i am not going to school on saturday 

my best friend does not live in spain

 julia and i did no listen  to pop music 

 you do not play  basquetball 


¡La mejor respuesta!

1°.I'm don't going to school on Saturdays 

2°.My best fiend don't live in Spain 

3°.Julia and I don't listen to pop music

4° You don't play basketball

5° Gemma and Tom don´t like scary films