I get up at 7 o'clock. I didn't go to my school, but musted. I ate breakfast. I went to school. My school is far to my house. When I came, all were happy. I didn't know why. My friend and teachers drunk mixture. This drink gave them wizard. I was sad, because all me didn't like. I went to her. I wanted to know, why gave my friend mixture. She said, because wanted that all were her slaves. She told, that to go and her no disturbed.

I again went to my school and made new mixture that my freinds were again my friends. My mixture was better than her mixture. My friend drunk my mixture and changes in my true friends. Wizard was evil. She came to my school. She had an acctident. I caned her help. I saw, because her leg was brokened. I helped her. She said: ,, Iim going good, but you must me help". ,, If her help I'm going good person"- I thought. I helped her and her helped me to do my homework. She helped me and I was very happy. She too. She changed and was good. I came on the lesson.