Por favor esto para hoy háganlo doy todos mis puntos por esto para hoy... Con estas palabras completar el siguiente párrafo pero usando pasado simple o pasado continuo: clean- see- listen- wear- look- walk- shout- put- sit- hear.

I 1________ on a bench by the river when I 2 ________ somethingfloating in the water. I picked it up and 3 ________ at it. It was a metal sword in a plastic bag: Two girls 4 ________ their dog nearby so I 5 ________ to them. They didn´t 6 ________ me. They 7 ________ to music. I 8________ an ol T-Shirt so I 9 ________ the swords with it and 10 ________ it in my bag carefully. Was it rubbish or treasure?



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I was sitting on a beach by the river when i saw something floating in the water. I picked it up and cleaned at it. It was metal sword in a plastic bag. Two girls were walking their dog nearby so i shouted to them. They didn't heared me. They were listening to music. I looked an ol T-Shirt so i put the sword with it and ......