Psychologist : “s”

Luis: “l”

s: good morning

l: good morning

s: sit down please

l: thank you

s: I introduce myself, my name is susana rivas and you should be Luis Alberto Salazar.

l: yes, I am

s: this interview, you will already know, it has for objective selecting qualified personnel in sales and industry for our company Rockwell Automation.

How did you know about the employment?

l: I found it out in the newspaper

s: Well then start you have some track or activities in social relationships?

l: of course, I act during six years in positions and in international companies that required of a lot of skill in the treatment with people.

s: the company is looking for an electric or civil engineer with one hundred percent of availability . Do you fulfill this requirement?

l: yes, absolutely. At this time I am not working, because I arrive three months ago from Canadá , where I acted as manager of CLEI and now I plan to stay in Chile.

s: Would you have any impediment to travel when it is necessary?

l: No, because I don't have affective commitments neither children.

s: mmmmm, how well! Who do you live with?

l: I am living now with a friend in a department that both we rent and Who do you live with ?

s: I live alone. But don't let us move away from the theme Do you suffer of some chronic illness?

l: No, but I suffer of constant allergies in spring, which I control with medications and they don't affect my labor acting.

s: How do you prefer to work in team or alone?

l: In team, because this complements my work.

s: Do you possess some tools to carry out this work?

l: mmm Of what type of tools we are speaking? computers, vehicles, documents of information?

s: Yes.

l: aa!! okey. Yes, I have two computers, a jeep to and also a department in New York.

s: perfect. Here in their curriculum I do see that you have a wide labor experience in very high positions in which of these positions Do you feel more comfortable?

l: I believe that when I work as international coordinator of computer science and electric because I could be related with people and so to extend my knowledge in the theme.

s: Finally , why do you believe that you are the best candidate for this position?

l: because I have experience and I am single without engagement.

: just then we go out. solo puedo ayudarte con uno pero espero te sirva