esta es una estrevis esta toda en ingles espero q te sirva :

NTERVIEWER: Welcome to Job Talk. We´re talking to Jim Harris, who works on animated films. Thanks for joining us, Jim. So what do you do, exactly?

JIM: I`m a  film editor. I´m the person who puts the animated movie together.

INTERVIEWER: How is an animated film different from a regular movie?

JIM: Well, actually, they´re very similar.

INTERVIEWER: Take us through the process.

JIM: Well, first, just like in a regular film, a script is written. You have to start with a good script.

INTERVIEWER: Of course, and it has to be funny.

JIM: Exactly. Then a director is hired

INTERVIEWER: Now, what does the director of animated films do? Direct the drawings?

JIM: Ha! no, the director, who is probably the most important person, manages the process. He helps develop the characters and works with the actors.

INTERVIEWER: So what happens next?

JIM: Well, drawings are made to illustrate the history, to show what happens. This is called a storyboard. It´s sort of like a rehearsal. When that´s done, the animation can begin. I´ll tell you how we do it the old fashioned way. It´s more interesting.

INTERVIEWER: Oh yeah?why?

JIM: It´s all computerized now. So first, in the old way, actors  record the characters´voice in a recording studio. The whole script is recorded.


JIM: Then, the backgrounds are created. It´s like building the sets for a play.

INTERVIEWER: Sounds fun. What´s next?

JIM: Well, the animation begins. First, pictures of the characters are drawn. The animator draws the pictures on a clear plastic called celluloid. That´s why they´re called cels. Each picture is drawn on a separate cel.

INTERVIEWER: Huh, then what?

JIM: Ok, here´s where it gets fun. They put each cel on top of a background picture and take a photograph. They do this many times. When all the photographs are put together, it looks like the characters are moving.

INTERVIEWER: That´s so exciting! so that´s that?

JIM: Not quite. The director and i have to put the scenes together so that they match the sound. The voices have to match the characters´movements. Once the sound has been added to the film, that´s that!

INTERVIEWER: Fascinating. Thanks for talking to us Jim.