Raul: Hi, good morning (hola buenos dias)
Tere: Good morning ruli (buenos dias ruli)
Jhon: Wath's Up hommie (que pasa Compilla)
Charlie: Good morning, loco (buenos dias loco |Spanglish|)
Vanessa: How you doing (como estas?)

Raul:Fine, guys, i cannot read the lesson 4 (bien, chicos, no pude leer la leccion 4
Tere:Why? (por que?)
Charlie:yes, why? (si, por que?)

Raul: Because i loose my book (por que perdi mi libro)
Vannesa: take, read faster before the teacher comes (ten leela rapido antes que llegue la maestra)

10 minutes later (10 minutos despues)

Jhon: Hurry the teacher its here! (rapido, la maestra esta aqui)

raul: waht? (qué?)

Jhon: the teacher the teacher! (la maestra la maestra!)

Raul: so... (y...)

Vanessa: how so, my book, you don't read anything? (como que y? mi libro, no leiste nada?)

raul: what book? (que libro?)

Vanessa: myyyyy booooook! (miiiii liiiiiibro!)

Raul:oooooh yeeea, sorry i dont read nothing im sleeping (ooooooh siiiiii, perdon taba dormido)

espero te sirva xD

¡La mejor respuesta!

Joe: I'm starving.

alex: Me, too. I´m in the mood for pizza.

Lori: But we don't have any money

Paul: What can we do?

Ana: No problem. Lori, do you have any pizza dough? And some chocolate chips? and walnuts?

Lori: What for?

Ana: A chocolate chip pizza.

Alex: Eww. That sounds terrible.

Ana: You just get over and help me. Alex, turn on the oven, please.

Alex: Done.

Ana: Lori and Joe, let's prepare the dough. First flatten the dough and form it into a circle... like this.

Lori and Joe: OK.

aNA: Next, spread some peanut butter, and add some chocolate chips.

Lori and Joe: And then?

Ana: Sprinkle some walnuts on top.

Alex: Are you sure about this?

Ana: Relax. Finally, bake the pizza in the oven.

Alex: You know what? I dont want to eat that.

Lori and Joe: Yes, and we think it looks so gross!


Es un poco larga, solo espero que te sirva.