What is the missing number in the next set if the mode, median and range were the 14
SET: 14,12,20,11,14,10,22,?
10,11,12,14,14,20,22 median: 14 by 14 by which the data is odd catidad if you order all the data number 14 is in the middle of the data

14 by the mode is repeated more than the other data

the range is 12 it is obtained by subtracting the data increased with the minor detail ose 10 and 22

and the number would come to be missing to 15 is obtained by calculating the arithmetic mean adding all the data and the outcome of that sum divided by the amount of data
14 +12 +20 +11 +14 +10 +22 = 103/7 = 14.714285714285714285714285714285714286 that round is equal to 15