Family is the most important thing you could ever have, they will always be there whenever you need them.  Nowadays they are just nuclear, what I mean is that is just conform by mon, dad and kids, but it doesn't matter because it could be just your mom or your dad or even just a person that doesn't have your same blood, what families do is support and take care of each other and that's why I think we all are a big family because as humans we are we need support from everyone eventhought we don't know the other person.


Values is what every single person should have, love, respect, patient, etc. This things are essential to be a good person because if you don't have them you won't be responsable you won't respect other people and that just bring bad consecuences. You lear values everywhere eventhought some people said that just at home I think that you can lear them also on the street, at school or university and obviously at home. This world will be better if everyone have values, we will respect each other and we will become a better person every single day.


OJALA TE AYUDE, discula si tengo errores estoy en 5to y aun me falta perfeccionar el ingles.