1- Susan always smiles.
2- George seldom laughs.
3- We rarely frown.
4- He is handsome.
5- She is beautiful.
6- I study English.
7- He plays tennis.
8- I work in a bank
9- I leave Madrid tomorrow morning
10- I don't play tennis.
11- She doesn´t go to the cinema.
12- We don´t know the answer.
13- Do you play football?
14- Does she go to the cinema?
15- Do we know the answer?
16- I like hamburgers.
17- Does he play the guitar?
18- Do you like hamburgers?
19- She is not at home.
20- He is not very tall.


i play tennis. 
She does not play tennis. 
Does he play tennis? 
The train leaves every morning at 8 AM. 
The train does not leave at 9 AM. 
When does the train usually leave? 
She always forgets her purse. 
He never forgets his wallet. 
Every twelve months, the Earth circles the Sun. 
Does the Sun circle the Earth? 
I am here now. 
She is not here now. 
He needs help right now. 
He does not need help now. 
He has his passport in his hand. 
Do you have your passport with you?
The train leaves tonight at 6 PM. 
The bus does not arrive at 11 AM, it arrives at 11 PM. 
When do we board the plane? 
The party starts at 8 o'clock. 
When does class begin tomorrow?
My sister watches TV in the mornings
The dog doesn´t like to eat chocolate
Do you work for that company