The art of conversation

Do you ever find that you have nothing to say at a party? Read our top tips to improve your conversation skills.


..ask questions. Try "FORE" - ask about Family, occupation, Recreation, Education.

...listen. Listen to what people tell you and show you are interested. about technology. In pubs almost half the conversations nowadays are about computers.

DON'T... about "dangerous" topics. Make sure you know who you are talking to before talking about religion or politics.

...interrupt. Don't interrupt an interesting conversation to ask about the weather.

...sell. Don't use social time to sell your latest product.


1) What is the meaning of "FORE"?

2) What ofter topres can you talk about?

3) Can you talk abbout religion or politics to anyone?

4) Do you are use these tips when you meet people?




1) you need to know some information of the person to whom you talk.

2) the art of conversation

3) It is incorrect to talk about these issues if we know the thoughts of the other person to give you the information you provide.

4) If it is important to implement them because they often give unnecessary information or questions do not go according to the occasion, just as many do not know how to listen and often interrupted at the wrong time