¡La mejor respuesta!

well MANY time ago i was at a restaurant not so beauty not at all ! but what can i do i was there so i try to think about many things to do and i start .

FIRST OF ALL.(o first) i went to drink water because the weather that day was so awfully believe me but it wasnt that bad at first.

second i remember that my mom (or dad) asked me if i would like to eat and ice-cream or if i prefer to drink a coke , a choose the ice-cream u know actually why.but it was just off when it comes to me it doesnt seems like and ice-cream i used to seem like milk with little pieces of peanuts . it was worth than see a horror movie.

Third but not least  was that my dads car broke up , so we stay there until the very next day . do you know what that mean? it was a horror movie i was in a horror movie but thanks to god i didnt killed my self so even if you are the worst of my enemies, i would not recomended you that place , you can fry an egg in the avenue and the smell mfff !! best not remember more about that :D