1.Did you see my bag?
2.Were you hiding something ?
3.Did he learn the basic forms?
4.Was it wrong?
5.Did she fall in love?
6.Didn't your husband tell you?
7.Weren't your parents at home?
8.Did the air feel heavy that night?
9.What did you do?
10. Where did you find me?
11. How did you get here?
12. Why did you travel for so many hours?
13. When did he arrive?
14. What did she look for in the streets?
15. Where did your mother put the keys?
16. How did she know I was coming?
17. Why didn't you lie?
18. When did Laura leave the place?
19. Did she take her coat?
20. Didn't you stare at the window?


1I wasn't there!

2) He wasn't sleeping yesterday!

3) They weren't at school

4) She wasn't tidy at 5th grade

5) My mom wasn't proud of me
6) Wasn't that him?
7) My brother wasn't the one in the ballroom..
.8) It wasn't him!
9) My dad wasn't at home at night
10) My sister wasn't eating candys

11) I didn't eat lunch yesterday 

12)She didn't go to the party last night
.13) didn´t do my homework 
14)I didn´t eat bananas
15)She didn´t buy a dress in the shoping 
16)They didn´t make a cake yesterday 
17)I'm not thinking
18)My mother isn't pretty
19)My father isn't my dad
20)I am not son of my dad


1.You noticed Julia's new dress.
2.You missed me last week.
3.They arrived this morning.
4.She used the correct word.
5.We waited for you after class.
6.She invited him to her party.
7.I expected to see her yestErday.
8.They received a letter this morning.
9. He eat hamburguer in muy house
10. They was to the school whit me
11. My dog drank water in the nigth
12. Chris was police
13. She drank soda in the park
14. The cat played in the yard
15. Luisa played the guitar when was little
16. She ran in the park
17. Sofia sang very good
18. Ana Danced rhythm
19. Tomas Played The Piano Yesterday
20. She was my best friend