Negative sentences. 

The girl isnt angry. 
The students arent really tired. 
The farmer isnt on the farm. 
I am not happy. 
You arent lazy
i am not hungry
he isnt a fotballer 
they arent good friends
i am not at the station
she isnt my teacher 

Affirmative sentences. 

The girl is angry. 
The students are really tired. 
The farmer is on the farm. 
I am happy. 
You are lazy. 
I am hungry.
he is a footballer.
they are good friends.
I am at the station.
she is my teacher

Interrogative statements. 

Is the girl happy? (yes she is,no she isnt)
Are the students really tired?
Is the farmer on the farm? 
Are you happy? 
Are you lazy? (yes, you are!) 
am i hungry?
is he a footballer?
are they good friends?
am i at the station? 
is she my teacher?