Escribir 5 oraciones con cada uno de los pronombres personales

Bueno los pronombres personales son yo, tú, él , ella...
Y como es en inglés serían I, you, he, she...
1- I eat sushi
2- He is a good person.
3- She is a woman.
4- You are a boy.
5- They are students.
¡Espero que te sirva, saludos!


I am in the school
I love pizza
I don't want to go to the beach
I think she's going to fall
I eat pasta once a week

You are cute
You flunked your math exam
You lost your pencil
You shouldn't go
You have to do your homework

He is going to play videogames
She doesn't want to go to the school
He is really annoying
She is very intelligent
He made a mistake

We are best friends
We are going to go to the restaurant
We shouldn't leave the school without permission
We should follow the rules
We have to copy the class

I don't know who they are
They treat me in a bad way
They hate asian food
They love comedy shows
They aren's serious
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