Te ayudo con algunas.. 

You are a useless 
 Your sister is my girlfirend 
you are listening your english classes 
 You need a book, 
 My teacher like to do monkeybusiness 
 You are son of the milk man. 
 Your mother works outside 
 You are the worst student of english 
 You need to learn about responsability 
 You need to look for someone to tell you about the nevel of your 
 You need to do the things by yourself 
 Look for your father, he is working right
 You have worked very hard for a long time. 
 They have spoken about germany and france
 He has lived in canada since 1989
 i have played tennis since 2007.- 
 we have planned our holidays for a little time. 
 She has cooked some sweets cakes for a few days. 
 The pearson family has lived in its town since 1950.- 
 i have ever painted a picasso's picture. 
 The dog has already eaten a bone. 
 Haven´t you drunk a cup of coffee, yet? 
I've cut my finger 
 he hasn't cut his hair 
 I've often travelled by plane 
 I've always like rock 
 I've been to the USA before 
 the weather has been great since saturday 
 we've never met him 
 I've already have lunch 
 I have just arrived 
 she hasn't eaten anything