1: hi how are you today?
2: i`m fine, thank you and you?
1: i`m fine.
3: excuseme!
2: what`s happen?
3:there a snake y my house can you help me?
4: mom! mi sister has been bite
5:mother! I was bitten by a snake really hurts
3: oh no! carry in the horpital now!
2:oh no! in a moment go!
3: ok thanks! i will call at police!
6: wats! happen dad?
2: there a snake y the house of the miss!
6: ok! can you help?
2: yes please!
2: don`t worry miss,our killed the snake!
3: oh mi good! thank you.
2: don`t worry :)
M: hi , girls. i don't think you've met paula
P: Hello, my name is Paula guzman. i'm a new student
MB: hello yourself! i'm mabel montealegre and they are angie and karen.
A, RO, K: nice to meet you
p: nice to meet you, too.
RO: ok. where are you from?
p: i'm from neiva.
k: oh, love neiva. it's really beautiful.
A: paula invite this afternoon, and so we tell Paula what we do here in Tunja.
RO: yes. is a good idea.
P: good afternoon girls.
all: good afternoon paula.
M:we always had lunch at eleven o'clock and we go to school at half past eleven.
MB: we never arrived late.
all: maaaabeeelll.
MB: ok. sometimes.
K: we had fun at school.
A: in my free time, I surf the internet and watch TV.
M: i too.
K: angy, what do you do in your spare time?
RO: in my free time, i play soccer and sleep.
M: ok. we go, this afternoon for English class.
A: you're right
MB: ok. good bye paula, good bye girls.
all: bye mabel.